I treasure my reading time while obsessing about family, food, fitness, and librarianship.

Top Bookshelf: A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, books by authors like Ruta Sepetys and Erika Robuck, Flash Burnout by LK Madigan, North of Beautiful by Justina Chen, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, Jeffrey Zentner’s The Serpent King

What to know about me2015-04-16 19.14.27 (2)

  • My guilty pleasure is chocolate milk
  • I do cook and bake, create projects, and purchase things based off of my pins on Pinterest
  • I’m a big dog person: Gunner, our 130-pound lab/Great Dane mix loves butter and ice cubes
  • Nothing replaces a handwritten thank you note
  • I’ve bunji jumped over Victoria Falls in Zambia and skydived in the US, traveled to Russia, and hope to see the beauty of the Northern Lights soon

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