12 Nov

As part of the #edublogclub year-long challenge to blog on education. While the official club has ended, they have shared posts to continue the journey through 2017. This week’s prompt was what an alternative career would have been.

When I saw this prompt, I had to laugh out loud a little and then I got really quiet. What would an alternative be? I don’t think I have ever really had a crisis of conscience that I wasn’t in the right field– well except for those fleeting moments during a stressful day or March (educators– amiright?). Luckily those are few and far between.

And I can read the prompt one of two ways– 1) a dream job that I could do without worrying about things like income or 2) if librarianship went extinct tomorrow, what would I then do?

Humor me and I’ll answer both. First, my dream job would be reading and writing. Reading children’s, young adult, and adult literature and blogging, speaking, and sharing everywhere and anywhere people would have me. Luckily that seems like something I’m doing on the side now, which is a good thing and I won’t rock the boat. It’s a nice balance.

But, if school librarianship went away? Gosh. That’s a tough one. If I trusted my horoscope, I should go into something like mortuary science or investigation. Maybe psychology. But I’d have to take a long hard look at what’s out there in the job market. There were times where I thought about being a paramedic. The truth is that it is too difficult to think this way.

2017-06-16 21.15.49

Because Allen Smith’s quote rings true. Everything I do in life prepares me for being a librarian. While I know I sound super annoying to love my job as much as I do, it is good to dream and think. What would you do if you weren’t doing what you’re currently doing?



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3 responses to “Options

  1. Kathleen

    November 13, 2017 at 1:30 am

    Hi Alicia,

    I loved reading your thoughts on this topic. Did you always want to be a librarian?

    I might have mentioned this before but here in Australia there has been a huge reduction in librarians in schools. When I was in school in the 80s/90s there were always librarians but by the time I started teaching in 2004 it was becoming rare. Just an observation as I don’t know the actual statistics but it is sad when librarians are becoming more important than ever.

    What is the situation like there?

    It’s so good you can do your dream job ‘on the side’. That’s what I used to do. I used to help people with educational blogging and write about blogging etc when I wasn’t teaching. And now I do have my dream job doing both!

    Thanks for another great post.



    • Alicia Abdul

      November 13, 2017 at 10:29 am

      I was an English teacher who realized my calling to be a librarian very quickly! As for librarians in the US, we’re struggling with enrollment in colleges for information science likewise, New York State specifically also only mandates a certified librarian at the middle and high school level so it’s not horrible, but it’s not good either.

      And good for you to do what you love! You’ve been a wonderful cheerleader for the club!


      • Kathleen

        November 13, 2017 at 11:12 am

        Aww thanks, Alicia. It’s a small but mighty club!

        That’s interesting about things in the US too.

        So great you found your calling! 🙂



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