Don’t “Look Past” Devine’s latest

19 May

Having been afforded the opportunity through Netgalley to read Eric Devine’s newest title that will debut this fall, I’m hopeful that the tide is turning on GLBTQ titles: instead of it being the sPrintole focus of the story with a weak storyline for the sake of having a GLBTQ character, newer fiction is going deeper. The stories are mysteries and fantasy and science fiction with characters that are GLBTQ. And that’s exactly what you get in Look Past.

Avery is used to sideways glances and cutting comments, but he is past it affecting him. He has positive relationships and kind friendships, but in the opening scene, Avery is in the woods, linked arm-in-arm with others from the community searching for his friend Mary. Mary is missing and while no one wants to think “presumed dead”, that’s exactly what happens when her body is discovered.

Now Avery’s mission is to solve the crime, especially now that he’s been pulled in and his love for Mary propel him to push through the animosity and hatred. He’s willing to put himself in harm’s way and this keeps us up at night.

Chills and thrills. Religion. Hopefulness? And we pause and hold our breath when Avery is patted down. Angered, frustrated. We know. They know. It’s moments like this that make Devine’s book thoughtful, rich, and empathetic. I can’t wait to share this widely– it is not a niche book, not by a long shot.

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Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Authors, Fiction, Young Adult


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