An ode to Sarah Cross

17 Jan

Book lovers understand Ambaum & Barnes’ Unshelved comic strip titled “The Seven Stages of Falling in Love with an Author”. I certainly do and have on a few occasions, fallen in love with an author, whether it be everything they’ve written or a series of books. I’ll call out Anne Rice from my teen years, Erika Robuck in my adult life, and a few that seem timeless like Ruta Sepetys and now Sarah Cross. That’s also not to mention the authors I can call out for being tireless in their efforts like Ann Rinaldi in making historical fiction accessible to middle grades or experts in delivery like James Swanson who writes awesome fast-paced thrillers based on true events.

But now to lay it on thick– a true early Valentine’s Day ode to the beauty of Sarah Cross’ writing– her talent for incorporating the wicked and the beautiful, the twisted and the sexy into engrossing fairy tale re-tellings. Not to mention the awe-inspiring covers that I want to hang as wall art and her selfless connection to her fans as evidenced by her short story “After the Ball” that she published on her website for fans to read because she knows how rabid we all are in wanting more.

If you’re not already reading her Beau Rivage series, you need to be. It’s a lesson in fairy tales– the famous and the obscure. It’s the best of a Disney movie with all of the grotesqueness of a true Grimms’ tale. It’s deep character development with a heaping dose of creativity. It’s striking ambiance and expeditious pacing. Sarah Cross– I  you.

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Posted by on January 17, 2016 in Authors, Fiction, Young Adult


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