16 Dec

It’s no secret that over the last four years, I have become obsessed with reading nonfiction, especially when it’s relevant and accessible to high school students: Keyser’s Sneaker Century: A History of Athletic Shoes is just such a book.

I will full-on confess that I own one pair of sneakers at a time and my most recent purchase were more expensive because they were custom fit for my type of workout as well as my tendency to walk on the inside of my feet. They aren’t a name-brand but they’re amazing. I also confess that in high school, I was obsessed with Adidas for no particular reason than I loved the threeSneakerCentury-stripe.

Keyser’s book reveals so much about the brands we know and love including their backstories, the history of footwear and how sneakers impacted popular culture, how jogging became a recreational activity, and name-dropping athletes and their association with specific companies. All of this is neatly compacted into less than one-hundred pages. As I said, accessible in every way. And relevant. A recent author visit with Jason Reynolds had us talking about sneakers: specifically he referenced showing up to college with a bag full of sneakers and having a conversation with his roommate about why he didn’t have more than a pair or two. How many do you own? Do they each have a story to tell?

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Posted by on December 16, 2015 in Authors, Nonfiction, Young Adult


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