… the most patient of teachers

19 Aug


While trolling Pinterest tonight, this quote caught me and especially the last line. In the last three years, I have become so enamored with YA nonfiction both graphic and narrative and immediately thought back to my most recent read, Susan Campbell Bartoletti’s newest, Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America, which is as much a biography of her life as it is about discovery, science, and the law inserted sometimes blatantly and sometimes surreptitiously among the pages and images. How did I not know about North Brother Island? How did I not know that typhoid fever and typhus, while somewhat homo-phonic are not the just the same disease in different stages?

I love it for its explosiveness and its research, which leads me back to books being the most patient of teachers. What is one reason that I start most of my conversations with people with “I read…” BECAUSE books are our teachers. And because this quote has captured my imagination, my newest posts will connect books as friends and as counselors. ¬†

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