24 Jun

It seemed like I was batting a thousand recently with a string of flops. Does everyone else have those streaks where it seems like every book you pick up just isn’t what you’re looking for in terms of topic, readability, or meeting expectations?

I recently tried Rosamund Hodge’s second, Crimson Bound, after adoring Cruel Beauty. In Crimson Bound, her attempt was Little Red Riding Hood meets the tale, The Girl with No Hands, instead of a creepy, gothic horror with a beautifully-illustrated cover, I felt like all I got was a beautifully-illustrated cover. Likewise, I adored The Paris Wife by Paula McLain but Circling the Sun fell short as another period piece and maybe it was because I tried reading Beryl’s story, West with the Night, and couldn’t engage which is why McLain’s attempt at telling her story fell flat too. And last, a new contemporary YA story, Those Girls by Lauren Saft felt so shallow and toxic that the edgy topic (which I can appreciate it many other YA titles) wasn’t my bag for her attempt.

Maybe in another frame of mind, time, or place, I could have kept with them, but frankly, I know I won’t revisit them because there are too many books and too little time for that.

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Posted by on June 24, 2015 in Miscellaneous


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