A Love of All Things Nonfiction

21 Apr

A whole other world opened up a few years ago when I started reading some of the exceptionally written young adult nonfiction that was out there, everything from people and issues of the Civil Rights Movement to unsung heroes of World War II and so much more. From there, I started reading and seeking out more nonfiction that make me think or feed my mind. Here are two of my favorites, one recent and one not-so-recent but both exceedingly well-researched as evidenced by the amount of information pouring from their pages.

CultureCrashCulture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class by Timberg takes the viewpoint that the creative class of people: artists, musicians, writers, innovators are being killed-off because of cultural shifts like the death of the stores/store clerk and libraries/librarians who disseminate culture from their workplaces. The dawn of the internet has poked holes especially in the music industry and how journalists make money. The change in guard from the old writers and poets who collaborated on the doorsteps of colleges and carried the torch. The food for thought explodes in each chapter where he name drops constantly, demonstrating his vast knowledge and making me bookmark plenty of pages to go back and re-read.

The second is A Natural History of the Senses by Ackerman that exudes beauty and precisionNaturalHistoryofSenses in its organization. I joke that if I remember even ten percent of what’s within these pages, I would be a hoot at a cocktail party! Each chapter is chosen to highlight each of the five senses and discusses anything that may relate like an odd disease associated with the sense, a scientific shift or research studies about the importance of one, observations about them, and more savory details that the average person couldn’t possibly know. She’s a true professor of sharing this knowledge with the average reader, which is why it’s understandable that it was a national bestseller.

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