Who Doesn’t Love a Good Science Lesson?

04 Feb

As I prepared and executed (pun totally intended) a booktalk for two Forensics classes this week, I got to rehashing all of the great fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels that lend itself to investigating science, from a forensics angle. There are great thrillers like Todd Strasser’s Thrill-ogy and Barry Lyga’s Jasper Dent series. There’s My Friend Dahmer by Backderf written as a graphic novel about the early life of Jeffrey Dahmer and nonfiction like Picking Cotton that pulls apart eyewitness testimony versus DNA as science continually improves. So many great titles, so little time. What’s your favorite?

And, how can they fit into the 2015 Reading Challenge? Well pick a trilogy like Lyga’s or read Backderf’s for the graphic novel. Plus, you can’t get any better than many forensics titles that double as a “lock the door” mystery!

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